An intimate couple photo shoot at home

A special bond, a lot of gentleness and a bit of sensuality. 

This is the power of photo shoots at home, within your cocoon. The power to make you feel confident, comfortable and peaceful. You just have to look at each other, love each other and enjoy this suspended moment. Nothing else is important at that time. 

We create, together, images that feel like you, and reveal how unique and genuine you are. We document your story, your attentions, your habits and kind gestures, for you to keep memories of you in this place. 

We create pictures that will tell one day : “This is the place where you used to kiss me coming back home every night”; “This is the kitchen we used to cook together each saturday morning”; “This is the window we used to look through to see the snow falling down during winter and this is the chair we used to sit, you on my knees, telling me about your day”; “This is the bathroom we used to take a bath together every sunday night”.

It’s time to put your world on pause and freeze those ephemeral moments. Wherever that matters to you. 

It’s in a bubble bath that I photographed Lorena and Jérôme, sharing a moment of tenderness, for a photo shoot organized by Marie-Hélène Brocart.